Giveaway – Sifteo Cubes Gaming System!

When Chris and I went to BlogHer this summer, one of our favorite expo hall visits was at the Sifteo Cube booth.  They were the creators of a creative new gaming system – portable, small, simple, yet completely engaging.

(We kinda got addicted.)


Sifteo consists of small blocks that interact with each other when you touch their sides together.  They require cognitive skills, but very little coordination, which meant that they’d be perfect for Ali.


(Poor girl.  She can use her mind, but not always her hands.)

As suspected, Ali loves the Sifteo Cubes.  They come with four games, all which have encouraged her to think spatially, something that I’m personally not very good at.  All of the games also have cute intro stories that really excite her about playing, and she’s enjoyed using them both during her free time and for school play.


Our favorite game, Chroma Splash, consists of different colored dots, and you have to plan ahead and figure out how to erase all of them in the right order.


Another game, Word Caravan, has helped Ali be able to take individual letters and form them into different words.  I like this game because most word scrambling games are WAY too advanced for her age, but this game’s simplicity allows her to learn how to think about how to form words from mixed-up letters.


Code Cracker is a math game, where you have to add, subtract, and multiply to unlock the secret code, and obviously, she enjoys that one as well.

The Sifteo Cube system is valued at $129.95, and it comes pre-loaded with four games.  And they’ve generously offered to give a set to one of you!

If you would like to enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post.  For extra entries, you may do one or all of the following:

Be sure to leave separate comments for each of your entries!  This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, December 19.  I will announce the winner Thursday, December 20 on my Giveaway Winners Page.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I was given a set of Sifteo Cubes to review the product.  My opinions are my own.

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    Dayla Hayes says:

    Cognitive skills and very little coordination, I’m in!

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    My kids are too old but I bet my niece would love these.

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    These are amazing…I’ve never heard of them. Thanks for letting us all know about them and I would love to win a set!

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    Julie K Jackson says:

    Sifteo looks so cool! I think I would use it as we. Would be nice to keep at my house for when my grandson comes over. I saw your post on FB and came here to read your review. Thanks!

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    My 3 year old would love those! He loves problem solving. :-)

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    I would love some Sifteo Cubes- they’re awesome!

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    These do look fun. They remind me of a letter game my brother has – it’s basically the same cubes (but 7?) and you build as many words as you can before the timer beeps.

    This looks like a fun variation!

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