An Inconvenient Gap of Truth.


Gap Old Navy Makes Mom Jeans

Nearly every denim makeover I’ve done ends with the same conversation.

“I had no idea what a difference it would make – I thought I was safe with Gap jeans!”


“Oh my goodness why didn’t anyone tell me I was wearing Mom Jeans?? I thought that as long as I was shopping at Old Navy, I was fine!!”

Gap and Old Navy denim.  A subject that I’ve long struggled over whether to address publicly or not.  I’ve revealed the truth about them one-on-one for quite a while, but have feared the backlash of addressing it here.

I know it’s hard to swallow, because we’ve all worn them at one time or another.

But I must say it, because I am committed to being honest with you in all matters of denim.

So read it fast – like ripping off a band-aid.


Gap and Old Navy sell Gateway Mom Jeans.

There.  It’s out there now, so let’s look at why.

I embarked on a reconnaissance mission to both stores accompanied by my dedicated husband/photographer, where I tried on every style of denim available.  I’ve gone through and analyzed the evidence collected, then matched them up with comparables in other brands.

But first, a few disclaimers:

1. Jeans can fit vastly differently depending on the body.  What may look awful on me could look good on you.  My points below are not blanket statements, just strong suggestions.

2.  We tried to match camera angles as well as possible, but seeing as how we were on an intensely covert operation and there was an especially nosy associate working the dressing room during our mission, not everything could be perfected as we wished.

3. Some people buy Gap and Old Navy because they are inexpensive.  Almost all of the jeans pictured can be attained for about the same price as a pair of Gap jeans. (My current favorite way to get designer jeans at half off or more is through Nordstrom Rack or their app, HauteLook.) Good fit does not have to be expensive.

Let’s start with Gap.

1. The first style I tried on was called Real Straight.

Gap Real Straight

These jeans, on the surface, do not qualify for the number one definition of Mom Jeans: pockets ending before the lower curvature of the butt.

However, they do have some concerning areas that clearly qualify them as Gateway Mom Jeans.  Specifically, they make an unattractive inverted heart betwixt the cheeks, and the pockets are SO DANG GIGANTIC that they could hold a small Llama.

Gap Real Straight Problem Areas

Perhaps on their own, it’s not clear enough.  For comparison, here they are as compared to an Antik straight leg:

Gap Straight Vs Antik Straight

Yes, that is the same butt.  No, I didn’t starve myself between the two photos.

2. Next I tried on Gap’s Always Skinny.

Gap Always Skinny

Again, these aren’t terrible.  But they’re not great.  They give me an extremely wideset rear view, and repeat the Kangaroo Pouch Pockets.

Notice the width shrinkage when compared to a well-shaped pair of skinny jeans bought from a neighboring mall store:

Gap Always Skinny Vs Express ReRock Skinny

You can see how the smaller pocket, in this case, gives the curve and lift to offer pep and life, rather than a flat, weighed down look.  Also, specifically on a skinny jean, the smaller pocket helps lessen the inverted triangle issue by separating the butt from the thigh.

Gap Always Skinny Vs Express ReRock Skinny Side

(You might remember that we discussed the flattering qualities of large pockets in a prior post.  While this is true, when the pockets are disproportionately dinasauric, the effect is not nearly so ideal.)

3. The next pair I tried on was the Gap Original Fit.

Gap Original Fit

Clearly, these are horrifying.  Especially note how the pockets are so wide-set that it gives me a third butt cheek, and the tapered yet loose leg is classic Mom Jean.

Gap Original Fit Problem Areas

Also?  No one should EVER need a zipper THAT LONG.

Gap Original Fit Zipper Length t

If you desire something classic yet modern and flattering forgoodnesssake, by all means go with a nice, conservative 7 For All Mankind.

Gap Original Fit Vs 7 For All Mankind

4.  Let’s move on.  Quickly.  To Gap Perfect Boot.

Gap Perfect Boot

I found these to be the least offensive.  However, the pockets were still too wide-set and oversized, once again offering the appearance of a supersized caboose.  Notice the immediate shrinking sensation when compared to a pair of Hudson Bootcut:

Gap Boot Vs Hudson Boot

5. Next: the Gap Curvy Fit.

Gap Curvy Fit

Oddly enough, the Curvy Fit seemed to take away all of my curves and conglomerate them into a giant pile of lumpishness.

If you have curves and need room for them to move and breathe, Miss Chic or LA Idol are awesome options with quite a bit more visual interest and flattering fit:

Gap Curvy Fit Vs LA Idol

6. My next fitting was in Gap Long and Lean.

Gap Long and Lean

This pair was the only pair that qualified beyond Gateway and straight into Mom Jeans – at least on me, as the pockets ended significantly before the lower curvature of my butt:

Gap Long and Lean Problem Areas

However, one of my best friends wears Gap Long and Lean, and I’ve always been puzzled as to how they look so great on her – especially since we even wear the same size.  So, in fairness, I present to you evidence that Gap jeans can look right on the exact right body:

Gap Long and Lean Right and Wrong Body

Let me assure you, though – I have counseled many former Gap wearers, and the friend pictured above is the exception, not the rule.

So if you don’t have that rare Gap-flattered body and you want to look Long and Lean, might I suggest Rock and Republic – notice the immediate leg-lengthening effect:

Gap Long and Lean Vs Rock and Republic

7. The last Gap style that I found was highly ironically named…the Sexy Boyfriend.

Gap Sexy Boyfriend


I SO wish I could have found these in my size to try on.



Flap Inner-Only Pockets.


Have you ever seen any man under 70 wearing jeans like this, let alone a sexy boyfriend??

I shudder to think.

But I did find one last treasure before I left Gap…

8. The Gap Denim Romper.

Gap Denim Jumper

Yes.  I was ashamed.

Gap Denim Jumper t

(And my cameraman didn’t like my visible bra strap.)

Just in case you missed it, the back waist actually qualifies this outfit as… Grandma Jeans.

Gap Denim Jumper Elastic Waist

I apologize to your retinas.

I rushed out of Gap and headed to Old Navy.

Which was somewhat akin to jumping out of the frying pan and into the nuclear incinerator.

I tried on every style that they had in both bootcut and skinny, but neither leg choice was better than the other.  So, to summarize, here are all three of their major styles in bootcut.

Old Navy Bootcut Comparison

The Diva was the least offensive, but still lacked style or a flattering cut.

The Dreamer copied Gap’s main problem of wide-set pockets and triple butt.

And the Sweetheart was unapologetically a hardcore Mom Jean.

Just in case you needed a healthy comparison, I offer them against 7 For All Mankind:

Old Navy Bootcut Comparison with 7 For All Mankind Stacked

Lest you think that I have somehow doctored my photos (which I have not) or that this information is only applicable to my body type, here are a few examples of others who have been freed from the noose of Gateway Mom Jeans:

Subject A, a close friend who had no idea how flattering and comfortable great jeans could be:

Makeover Old Navy to LA Idol 2

Subject B, a blog reader and mom of four kids:

Makeover Old Navy to LA Idol

And Subject C, a new Mom and blog reader from the other side of the country who got a long-distance makeover via the following before-and-after butt-texts:

Makeover Gap to Express Rerock

(Yes, I get butt-texts quite often, usually accompanied with the question, “Are these Mom Jeans?” If you need to butt-text me, just let me know and I’ll give you my number.)

After Subject C bought her jeans, she sent me a couple more full-length before and after photos (with an adorable baby leg included as a bonus):

Makeover Gap to Express Full

Makeover Old Navy to Express



Even if you look great in Gap jeans – even if they fit you perfectly, the pockets are proportionately correct, and the style was made for your body type, here is my biggest argument against Gap and Old Navy Jeans:

They stretch out. 




Gap and Old Navy Stretch Out

So even if they don’t look like Mom Jeans when you put them on, they will before the next episode of Dora the Explorer is over.

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  1. 1201
    Laura says:

    Having your pockets end below the curvature of your butt IS HORRIBLE. It literally looks like your butt melted and slid down your thighs.. I prefer a high firm butt, not a saggy, inverted looking one.

  2. 1202
    Holly says:

    Except I can’t afford $60.00 a pair and UP for jeans :(

    • 1202.1
      Ashley says:

      Sell something.. have a yard sale.. get a better job… if it’s important to you, put your nose to the grindstone and make it happen!

      • krystal says:

        Ohhhmygosh! I’m a 28 yo mom of two and let me tell you, I am NOT offended by any of this. Its hilarious and has some pretty good points. I almost cried laughing so hard about the pockets being so big they could fit a small llama. Anyway, a few people keep saying maybe its your body shape that isn’t working, not the jeans. Well um, duh. You actually said that in your post, so idk what everyone is bitching about. I dont think the blogger was being judgmental or rude, she was just giving her opinion. Honestly, I haven’t worn ON or Gap since I was in middle school, but I can remember how fast the stretched out and made my already teeny tiny hinee (definitely not how you spell that but I really dont care) look like an extension of my back. I’m 5’10 and normally 145lbs (I just had a baby 2 weeks ago, so I’m not back there yet) and I have found WalMart jeans to fit me the best. That’s right, I said it. No boundaries jeans fit like they were made for me. Now, like she had mentioned in her blog, just because they work for me, doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. I usually pick them up because WalMart is like my second home and they’re cheap. However, if I’m really going big and actually clothes shopping, I always go to A&E, Maurice’s, and JCPennys. Oh, and one more thing; this post is a little outdated, so the bling and such really isn’t a thing anymore. I mean, if that’s your style, go for it but no need to be rude or judgmental toward the people who wear it. You’re just as bad, if not worse than what you’re claiming the blogger to be. Be happy everyone, life is too short

        • zbd says:

          I too found this post funny and interesting, and enjoyed the tone – touching on a subject most of us can relate to (in concept, if not in conclusion), but with and underlying wry sense of humour and a touch of ironic perception. personally, i wear boys jeans or shop at Asian clothes shops coz i have no hips or butt and western womens jeans are always too massive around the top, when they fit in the leg.

      • Texan lady says:

        oh my goodness:() sell something? Get a better job? Just to buy WAY expensive clothes???? THATS what’s wrong with Americans:( they can’t afford their own home( live in trashy places or apartments) take a bus or bike to work.BUT they wear expensive close& more then not eat out. How sad is that!! & then they think they’re SO creative when they find a DIY idea- why not teach ur children from small on: budget, don’t waste& do things URSELF instead of hiring others.& BE SATISFIED WITH LESS!!

        • Nathalie says:

          You said it right!

        • Cristina says:

          Your absolutely right!

        • Black & Lovely says:

          Yes ma’am!!! You are so right! My sister in law is the same way. She has expensive clothes and the newest phone form this year but can not even afford to pay her cell bill or gas to put in her car. She always calls us for money to get her by, but she looks good going out though. Meanwhile, my husband works full time, I am a legal student and we support two kids and our pet and are buying our home. I do not get to buy expensive clothes or buy a cell phone ever time a new one comes out, but you better believe that our kids are welled dressed and feed by the money that my husband makes. People need to get their stuff in order. Thank you Texan lady for speaking the truth about that ignorant post.

        • Stephanie says:

          Actually spending a little more on a GOOD fitting pair of jeans will save a TON in the long run. While I agree that the person making the original comment about finding a better job – etc…was a little out of line. I used to buy cheap jeans and they didn’t last as long or look as good. I finally broke down and bought a pair of jeans that was $60 for the pair and they’re seriously my favorite jeans – they’re crazy comfortable and they look great, therefore I feel great in them.

          Also, try Kohl’s…I got two pairs of Apt. 9 jeans there that I LOVE too and spent less than $20/ea on them because they were on sale.

        • whiterabbit421 says:

          They were joking. I buy my jeans at the mall and never pay more than $20/$25 for them, and they’re incredibly sexy. I’m honestly confounded how places like Old Navy are still in business. They’re not cheaper than other places I go to, and nothing there is flattering on anyone. People have to just stop settling for what’s quick and easy. That’s the real American problem.

          • Cristina says:

            F.Y.I. I wasn’t joking. I find it funny how there’s so many other problems in the world, and yet you say “The real American problem is that no one looks flattering in Oldnavy clothes.” Yeah, i’m the one with the problem. LMAO!!

        • Robyn says:

          Love your post! I feel the same when men wear “the wrong” jeans! If you wear nice clothes your appearance is better, you feel better and therefore feel more confident. Thus if you take care of yourself more, get your hair done and wear flattering clothes, then you are more likely to get that higher paying job; your attitude gets bubblier, and your appearance is more caring. Apparently some think it’s terrible to love yourself on the outside as much as on the inside, but just because you have fashion does not mean you are a cold hearted person on the inside. Love your post missy.

          Oh and p.s. to those with little pockets…like myself…outlet stores and online are great sources for brand name, well fitting, long lasting clothes for the same price of your beloved cheap selection. You don’t need a deep pocket to look flattering, you just need to shop smart :D

        • Meagan says:

          I don’t think the comment was meant that way at all. Everyone is immediately jumping to the conclusion that they are saying “Do whatever it takes to buy the clothes and ignore everything else” (as mentioned in previous comments – for example someone who can’t pay their bills but still spends money on clothes)

          …All they said was “If it’s important to you find a way to make it happen” The operative part being “IF It’s important to you”…

          Some people do pay their bills and keep food on the table and then just don’t have the extra money left over to purchase “extras” or to treat themselves.. It could’ve been anything (a vacation, a mani/pedi, a visit to the hair salon, anything that’s a luxury and not a necessity) and I bet they still would’ve said the same thing.

          No matter what if it’s something important to you that you want or feel you need (that’s outside of your current budget) it’s not unreasonable to say “get a second job, have a yard sale, etc” – find a way to earn EXTRA money to set aside for yourself (after necessities are taken care of)

          I can pay my bills, buy groceries, put gas in my car, etc…but if I want to go shopping or treat myself to something? You bet I’ll try to work overtime, or find a freelance gig, or sell some of my old stuff, etc. so I can have money to set aside for something that’s important to me.

          ALSO…”BUT they wear expensive close& more then not eat out. How sad is that!! & then they think they’re SO creative when they find a DIY idea- why not teach ur children from small on: budget, don’t waste& do things URSELF instead of hiring others.& BE SATISFIED WITH LESS!!”

          Doesn’t that defeat the point?? Isn’t it my choice to choose between going out to eat at a restaurant (NOT a necessity) and buying myself an outfit? Also – Being on a budget and doing things yourself rather than hiring others IS “DIY” AKA “Do it Yourself”. It IS creative and half the time DIY projects HELP us to keep from wasting (by reusing, recycling, or buying things cheap and improving them yourself) and stay in a budget. There’s nothing wrong with being satisfied with less – but if you WANT more and you’re willing to work for it, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

          Everyone is allowed to make their own choices and should do what works best for them. It’s about being responsible and understanding the difference between what’s necessary and what’s a luxury.

        • Megi-poo says:

          If it makes you feel better, we eat in every night, live in a move apartment, budget, and I look like a bum and wear ill-fitting clothes ;) however I see nothing wrong with selling stuff or getting a better job. And if someone uses their surplus to get a pair of jeans that lasts for many years and makes them feel good every time they put them on that sounds like a good investment to me.

      • Jo says:

        Right. Sell something to make that perky butt happen and attract a baby daddy. Heck, skimp on your kids food out get a serving job. ALL that matters is of your butt looks good. Give me a break.

        • Cristina says:

          I totally agree, LOL!!

        • SN says:

          Jo, did you ever stop to think that maybe this isn’t about spending tons of extra cash to go get some sugar daddy? Pretty sure it’s more about feeling good in your own skin and maybe not having thirty ‘cheap’ pairs of jeans that don’t make you feel good.. Two pairs that make you feel good is way cheaper than thirty that don’t.. And not everyone who wants to feel good about themselves or look good is in the market for a man either, what made you venture to this article? Looking for a way to make yourself attractive to another man? Reality check sometimes looking good and having confidence in yourself is actually better for a family as a whole.. I know my husband appreciates it when I’m kinder to myself, I’m happier, in turn I don’t get annoyed over the little things as easily, and the Avalanche continues in happy… Not only that what’s wrong with looking good for your husband? Oh.. And as a side note.. No one here is saying that skimping out on feeding the kids and etc is a good thing, in fact most are saying quite the opposite… Go make some
          More cash somehow if it’s important to you… Not go steal it from the food budget.. How dense does one need to be really?

      • JillA says:

        Exactly! No one is going to come knocking on your door and hand you $60. If you want it go get it!

    • 1202.2
      Katie says:

      Check Nordstrom rack – they have really good prices on 7 FAM, Joe’s jeans, and Hudson.

      • Kelly says:

        $198 for a pair of jeans are “really good prices” ?? I’m definitely doomed to “mom jeans” forever then, I don’t have that kind of money to spend on a single pair of jeans :( What about some flattering jeans for those of us who live in the regular world where we can’t spend more than $50-$60 for jeans?

        • Jessica says:

          Miss chic, or La Idols are pretty cheap and they look great. I get Miss mes, but they run 80-120. I will say though that ive had several pair for almost 6 years that still look brand new…so it can be worth it.

        • Sloane says:

          Express throws buy 2 for the price of 1 denim sales often. I like their Rerock jeans a lot. Great fit and they hold up well for years. 2 for $50. Good luck!

        • Faith says:

          If you visit these sample sale sites below they will have great deals on jeans, like REALLY great! They will have “factory second jeans” meaning that the manufacturer thought the stitching was just a little bit off or they didn’t like the fade in them or the simulated rips. In reality you can’t see anything wrong with them but when they label the jeans as such the price very often goes from $80 to $30. It’s a beautiful thing!

          Haute look
          Or if you look up “factory second (fill in brand)” then you can find great stuff. Even some of the $168 jeans will be infinitely cheaper.

    • 1202.3
      Mandy says:

      I try the jeans on in store. I buy the higher end jeans from Ebay. It lets me keep a bit of my money in those fancy pockets!

    • 1202.4
      Monique says:

      I found an awesome pair of jeans for like $19.99 at Burlington! The brand is called YMI… AND IT LITERALLY ASKS I’D YOU “WANT A BETTA BUTT” they give the look of having a former offered butt… I love love love them! !

      • tamberlynn says:

        oh my gosh i LOVE YMI they have the best jeans, the dont stretch out much, keep my butt happy, and they are so cheap at Gordmans too :) the only proble. ive ever had is how long they are, short girl problems :/ amethyst jeans are great too.

    • 1202.5
      KImberly says:

      Another excellent option online (read Return Policy and look up size charts if not given) but has been an excellent avenue to buying well fitting jeans. I bought a pair of Mavi jeans that retailed at around $130 and bought them for $40. Prices do fluctuate up and down on some things- that same pair went back up to $89 I think a few days after I bought them when I went to show a friend what I had coming in the mail. It’s kind of like an online discount store. Free shipping but if returning you pay return shipping.

    • 1202.6
      Cynthia says:

      I got some really nice Rock and Republic jeans at Khol’s off the clearance rack for under $20. You just have to hunt.

    • 1202.7
      Stephanie Hutchison says:


    • 1202.8
      Jessica says:

      Look into LA Idols. Ive gotten them for 30 or less new. There are places that sell them pretty cheap. Alsp check online. Miss chic are a good cheap NON mom jean brand:)

    • 1202.9
      Kerry says:

      Find what works for you, and then go buy it used on eBay! I recommend Silver jeans for everyone, especially women with curves. The Suki cut is a curvy woman’s dream and will make your butt look fantastic.

    • 1202.10
      Mandie says:

      You can usually shop sales – I get my jeans for 40% and sometimes more – I have paid $30 for $150 before. Use coupons and shop the sales and you will never have to pay $60+ for a pair of jeans.

  3. 1203
    Anne says:

    Omg! Thank you. I thought I was the only one who thought it was hard to find jean, let alone a pair that won’t make your butt look like it’s hitting the floor. I went shopping the other day and was sending pictures to my sister and she said she didn’t like the jeans I had on. The sad thing was I was trying on shirts and the jeans I has on was what I sw wearing for the day. A vide sad revelation.

  4. 1204
    Cheyenne says:

    I have normal sized thighs but tiny calves!! Bootcuts make me look like I have no legs beneath my knee and skinny make me have bird legs!! Ha. What is your suggestion for the perfect cut of jeans?

  5. 1205
    Candyce says:

    Thanks for this! Wow, the pictures say it all! Sometimes jeans aren’t my biggest worry since I have to dress up for work so I’ll just grab some from Old Navy. I’ve never been crazy about them and never felt like I looked awesome in them but I didn’t give it much more thought. I thought it had more to do with my size. Thanks for showing me that’s not necessarily the case!

  6. 1206
    kkhamer says:

    Why must be so disparaging about Moms. If it were not for your Mom you would not be here to worry about what
    you look like in denim jeans. Perhaps if you were less judgmental Moms would find your observations helpful in finding a pair of jeans that fit well. Be careful what you say; in time, if you are lucky, you too will be a Mom.,

    • 1206.1
      Huma says:

      I don’t think you are familiar with what the term “mom jeans” means. It is a reference to a skit from Saturday night live. Maybe you should get familiar with pop culture references?
      A Mom

    • 1206.2
      Another Mom says:

      I AM a mom, of two wonderful children. Being a mom didn’t mean I suddenly became out of touch with my sense of fashion. And being in touch with my sense of fashion (as I work in the fashion industry and have a degree in fashion) didn’t mean I didn’t have appreciation as a mom or for my mom. I care about my appearance. I’m not vain, nor do I go over the top (I’ve never even had a pedi for pete’s sake, and only had a mani as part of a bridal party outing), but I still like to look nice. If I have to go jean shopping anyway, why not just go to one store over another to make sure I get jeans that look and fit decent? What’s so wrong about that? Why does doing that automatically warrant a comment like yours? It doesn’t take any more time to shop for and dress in more flattering jeans than it does the unflattering ones. I would bet there is fashion out there that you don’t like either…does that mean you’re disparaging others? All this to say: calm down. It’s ok for moms to want to look good. And as A Mom referenced, watch some SNL.

    • 1206.3
      Stephanie says:

      I am a mom and i am not offended. You need to lighten up not everybody is attacking you. She is probably a mom too. The term mom jeans to me means you worry more about your kids then yourself. There is nothing wrong with that if you’re into that…but some moms like me like having a nice purky ass. A pair of jeans that makes me feel* like i didnt gain 25lbs during pregnancy. And embrace MY curves and MY body. This isn’t a offensive post so please don’t take it that way

  7. 1207
    g says:

    Of course, one reason that pockets end up below the curve of your butt may be because you are squeezing said butt into too small a size….looks that way in quite a few of your pics, to be honest.

  8. 1208
    Melissa says:

    Are you still accepting butt texts?? Lol I am just reading this in my gap jeans and I’m suddenly aware of what you’re saying. But I don’t think I entirely know what to do next. I have a nordstrom rack nearby. Could you offer me a brand reccomendation maybe? Please email me if I can text you a picture. Sounds so bizarre but I really think maybe you could help me if you see how my Gap jeans fit. Thank you!

  9. 1209
    CJ Moore says:

    loved this blog! Thank you. How do you feel about Miss Me jeans?

  10. 1210
    Berta says:

    And here I thought I was the only person that had a horrible time buying jeans. My issues are numerous. For starters I am 4’11” I am 48, I am skinny and I have no butt. Ok can you say jeans were not made for me. My only solution is girls jeans they are the correct length, on a girls 16 the pockets fall in the correct area and they fit tight to accent what little I have in the seat department. Baggy jeans do NOTHING for my figure. Even a juniors 1 yeah it fits but pocket is on back of my thigh and I need to have 4-6 inches cut off bottom, that is expensive to get them hemmed so kids jeans work they are just hard to find that look like Normal jeans and are not Jeggins. Do you have a solution to this issue?

  11. 1211
    Kelli says:

    any suggestions for the really long legged girls? I’m talking like 36-37 inch inseam. Help!

    • 1211.1
      Thalita says:

      YES! Thats why I buy Old Navy! Not only are they accessible (not all of us has access to a Nordstrom’s) and affordable, they also carry talls. And I think my butt looks pretty good in their Sweetheart line. But I have way more booty than you (the blogger).

    • 1211.2
      Maria says:

      Try Long Tall Sally, a friend of mine who is 6’4″ has found jeans to fit her there.

    • 1211.3
      Alana says:

      American eagle extra long fit me pretty well! I’m the same inseam as you. Also in my high school days I fit well in Delia’s jeans. If you’re really slim then those might work for you! Alloy also has long inseams and pretty cute jeans. That’s pretty much all I have though. I’m always on a mission to find cute jeans that fit my inseam, too. Such a struggle.

    • 1211.4
      Cindi says:

      Try they have nice fitting jeans with 30″-37″ inseams.

    • 1211.5
      Emily says:

      I also need a 36 to 37 inseam. BKE’s, silver’s, daytrips and miss me’s are great but run about $60 and up.

  12. 1212
    Audra O'Hara says:

    Yep, I may need to call you if I ever get up the courage to try on jeans again! Really great points. :-)

  13. 1213
    Anna says:

    I laughed out loud a few times during this article. You’re a very funny writer and I enjoyed learning something new! Thanks for sharing!

  14. 1214
    Renee says:

    Thank you so much for posting. this!

  15. 1215
    Kiltpleat says:

    What is the deal with all the bedazzled crap on the ass pockets of jeans, though? What if I want ones that fit nicely but have plain pockets without flaps or rhinestones?

  16. 1216
    katie says:

    IMO the gap curvy fit looked best on you.

    • 1216.1
      Thalita says:

      I agree. Most of the jeans made her butt non-existent.

      • ally says:

        that is what I was thinking ! I am short and have curves. a smaller waist but I don’t aim to make my butt seem flat. I do not personally believe is a good look. one should be proud and accentuate all the curves in the right places. yes Gap fits are not good for jeans. I find that american Eagle does the job in their jeggins. it fits good. is not too long, the petite actually is not too short and my behind looks nice and round in it’s place. how a jean should fit. otherwise if you have any baby belly leftover the suggested jeans here make you look like you have a gigantic muffin top that you don’t have . because by the behind being so flat , it throws off the balance. and brings attention to the waist in a bad, bad way ! just my personal opinion too

  17. 1217
    Schel says:

    I love the information you give. I buy old navy all the time, they fit me best because I’m so little. Could I email you pics of my “mom jeans” and you tell me what I’m buying wrong? Because I honestly love my old navy jeans! Please email me back.

    Schel Ruiz

  18. 1218
    Erinn-San-San says:

    Man…this is truly humbling, especially since I just bought a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts from both Old Navy and Gap…well, here is to hoping they don’t make me look like a blob. I’m 23 and a mom of two and yeah my body has changed. I definitely look more womanly. I was revamping my wardrobe and settled on some cute pants and some shorts. I hope I didn’t make a wrong decision! But based on your advice I am now completely obsessed with Nordstrom Rack. I will definitely be getting my next additions from there!!

  19. 1219
    Sunny says:

    Okay, so this is fun, but you do all realize that the low rise and butt-shaping jeans of the last decade or so will be the new “mom jeans” in another decade or so. Teens will be cringing when their moms wear their skinny jeans or their low pocket butt accentuating jeans. I know it seems crazy that “mom jeans” we’re what was in fashion and thus what was truly attractive in the 80’s or so. I bet people from that era still find those jeans sexy (gasp) and are indifferent to the new styles. Just in case these facts about how fashion works aren’t obvious. It seems most people are mostly stuck in their teens, fashionably-speaking, with some adjustments.. You will be too. FR example, what to do now with the “new mom jeans? They are skinny legged and short (socks showing!) and have a long long zipper. How are they keeping a butt?

  20. 1220
    M says:

    I appreciated your photo comparisons and picked up some tips however I need more HELP!!!! I’m in search of a pair of women’s jeans, real jeans… None of the stretchy, crap material that wears out in three washes or sags throughout the day. I don’t want a bedazzled ass, or flaps on the pockets or stitching that looks like dental floss. I don’t want skinny or tapered or pre-worn out with holes to place my feet through by accident when putting them on. I am 35 and remember when jeans were so tight at the ankles you had to turn them inside out and stand on them to pull your feet out, I used to have to buy mens’ to get the right fit/size but then women’s jeans made big advancements in design and style I should have stocked up, now I’m down to one pair of Vigosss and sadly preparing myself for shopping in men’s wear again…. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • 1220.1
      Anna says:

      Have you tried Levi’s?? Get them at Macy’s. They have a lot of different styles and are reasonably priced and comfortable.

    • 1220.2
      zbd says:

      I am still rocking my Lee Super Toobs/Skinnys 15 years later. I bought two pair ($150 each!) but that has worked out to less that $10 a year. I have patched around the crotch (i wear them low so they wear out on the creases, but they, along with Levi’s have proven to be the ultimate in hard-wearing denim. most jeans these days (esp. the cheap ones) are made to wear for only one ‘season’ so they don’t bother with quality material. Levi & Lee still make work pants-quality models of jeans. If you’re like me, and wear your clothes for years, esp jeans, it is an investment to buy quality manufacture and fabric.

  21. 1221
    Lexi says:

    I’m so sick of these young ladies thinking that the smaller size the better?! I love to see a woman (mom or not) wearing jeans that cover and compliment. Yes, some of her “mom jeans” in this article really did look awful, however, most of those gap jeans looked SO much better than those other jean brands. I don’t have any problem with the writer or her points, she is totally entitled to her opinion, I just wish women understood how to dress for their body type, their personality, and their comfort, rather than trying to avoid being dumped into a silly category such as “mom jeans”.

  22. 1222
    Kathy says:

    I was amazed at the comparisons, especially the Gap and Express skinny jeans. The Gap jeans made her butt look flat and wide and from the side, she looked really stocky and her legs looked really short. She looked great in the Express jeans – the opposite of the Gap jeans. Her butt was lifted and her legs looked really long. I’ll have to check out express for some new jeans.

  23. 1223
    That Hat Lady says:

    Just so you know, LA Idol is being discontinued now. Last chance to get them:

    Antik denim and Express Re-rock jeans were discontinued awhile ago.

    May I suggest Miss Me, True Religion or Silver jeans.

    • 1223.1
      Jessie says:

      I second the recommendation for Silver Jeans — they’re the only jeans I wear! They are stretchy but keep their shape so I can literally wear them for days before washing and never get saggy butt. I have also fluctuated weight up and down by up to 15 lbs since I’d had them and they have fit at my largest and smallest. They’re like magic jeans. My husband also thinks my tiny non-butt looks amazing and sexy in em so that’s another point :)

      • Kerry says:

        LOVE Silver Jeans—I just discovered them, and I can’t get enough of the Suki fit. They’re a little pricey, but the Silver website runs great sales all the time, or, once you figure out which fit works for you, you can buy them on eBay for next to nothing.

  24. 1224
    Anna says:

    I definitely agree with a lot this article said. However Old Navy no longer sells drab clothes in fact they have super cute and stylish pant selections now that are cheap, cute, and comfy. I am personally not into dark jeans with bright flares and beaded pockets. I think they look extremely childish and trashy lol. Honestly the best jeans I can find are American Eagle and Old Navy!

  25. 1225
    Bailey says:

    EXPRESS. They never disappoint. And since I love good deals, I always find my Express jeans at second hand stores. They make everyone’s butt look amazing! Everyone I know who trys them on loves them

  26. 1226
    leigh says:

    Wow, innocence is bliss! I think I need to get your opinion on a few recent Gap purchases. Thanks for this wake-up-call!

  27. 1227
    Sydni says:

    Wow, who knew??! I have always stuck to Gap and Old Navy jeans (since my days in American Eagle – sad was the day when my AE-jean-buying came to an end) because they’re so classic looking. And I’ve always been kind of tomboyish (not super into style), so I think the drawing-no-attention-to-my-butt was kind of appealing. But I have two questions, now that you’ve opened my eyes… 1) What about J.Crew. jeans, are they okay??? and 2) what’s a great brand of sexy/normal/not-mom jeans that don’t have all that crazy stuff on the butts?? I don’t like all the pattern & buttons and crap.


    • 1227.1

      My current favorites are Joe’s Jeans (Get them at Nordstrom Rack or through HauteLook to get them at half off) – super flattering, no butt detail (see my latest post – the ridiculous one with crochet shorts – to see what Joe’s Jeans look like. Also I love AG jeans, Red Engine, Express, Frankie B, Genetic Denim, and Citizens of Humanity – all of these are great with little to no pocket detail. All but Express I recommend getting through Rack or HauteLook, or at TJ Maxx. J Crew jeans don’t work on me, but I have seen them look nice on some people.

  28. 1228
    HapaHI says:

    i kept reading on various websites how Gap “always skinny” are these mind-blowing, amazing jeans.

    i’m glad i didn’t buy a pair.

    these pics of the GAP jeans are HORRIBLE.

    i recently tried some J.Crew “toothpick” jeans (also read that these are the “holy grail” of jeans).

    was NOT impressed. they were just so-so-ok (but because of the price, they were wholly unacceptable and so i returned them all).

    best jeans i have had? (20+ years of jean collecting)

    1. a pair from H&M that i bought likely almost 15 years ago. straight leg. embroidered back pockets. take 10 lbs off off my thighs and butt. still have them and still center my lifestyle of working-out and eating healthy around fitting into these jeans. they have been a great inspiration and only cost like $20 bucks!!!!!!!!!! i plan to go back to H&M at some point to get some vintage high-rise, wide leg trouser jeans.

    2. a pair of very “rock-n-roll” BKE jeans with an acid-wash finish at the pockets, some embroidered detailing on back pockets + metallic embellishments – but not too much!!! – just enough to give them a rock band groupie feel. And nice fading right where you want it (middle of thighs; slight fade on upper butt for a butt-lift effect). these are also about 10-15 years old. slightly too much elastane and slightly too low a rise (requires a belt and a long shirt). but still one of my faves. caught my 16 year-old step daughter eyeing them one day… NO WAY! they’re still all mine!!!!

    3. Guess low rise jean with “slight boot cut” — love this style. seriously these shave off 15 pounds from my body instantaneously. i don’t know how they do it. its an INSTANT make-over. these are one of only a few jeans that my husband actually noticed and took the time to comment on (“wow, where did you get those jeans? i really like them. they look good on you”). my absolute favorite pair (were just oh-so-sexy; like instant transformation into victoria secret model) ripped apart!!!!! yeah , so the material is rather thin with a lot of the Guess jeans. Their one downfall. i can’t recall the exact name of the style (something like “super low rise sexy cut” or some such nonsense). anyway – i think they have been discontinued. i have a pair of dark rinse Guess jeans that look AWFUL on the hanger. I am always a second away from throwing them in the donation bag, but then i say “what the heck – let me see how they look on first” and they look AMAZING. – and so i keep them, but then i go back to never wearing them because they look awful on the hanger. go figure!

    4. Red Engine jeans — okay, martha stewart endorsed these jeans – which may make you freak out (“OMG – DEFINITLEY OLD LADY/MOM JEANS – hell no!”), but the skinny cut is AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. don’t know about the other cuts (haven’t tried), but love, love, love the skinny cut. First, i LOVE the “dirty” dark rinse (there’s a slight tinge of a rusty color behind the dark indigo – like they are made from a real vintage denim). Second – all this talk about skinny jeans stretching out and “bagging out” and gaps at the waist and wrinkling at the knees and sagging at the butt, etc, etc, etc —— NONE OF THAT. just a second skin of SUPER SOFT/worn-in-feeling denim and PERFECT fading on thighs and butt. they take about 5-10 lbs off. Finally, they are longer than they typical 28″ ankle length (i think they are like 31.5″ ??) – but stay skinny all the way down. I LOVE THAT. It gives your legs a WAY LONGER, LEANER LOOK than ending right exactly at the ankle. did i mention the material is uber soft? i could sleep in these jeans.

    5. Rich and Skinny jeans. I was at the mall and had tried on several pairs of J.Brand jeans. They were very nice, but for the price, I wanted PERFECTION. I tried on every pair of J.Brand jeans they had in my size. no luck. all were just “okay”. Finally i grabbed this pair of Rich and Skinny jeans. the sales lady told me they had a lot of stretch and to size down a couple sizes. Really? i couldn’t see myself squeezing into something that small, but sure enough, i got a pair 2-3 sizes smaller than my normal size (normal size depending on whether i’m fit or “puffy”, that is) and i pushed my way into them and they fit like a GLOVE but not uncomfortably. And again – SUPER SOFT worn-in denim that shaved off about 10 lbs from my thighs and butt. i got them in a pale, pale blue, classic faded wash (the wash made them look like they were vintage 30 year-old thrift store jeans) — now normally i stay away from the super ale washes because they can make me look larger – but these were magic jeans or something. love them. i feel like i’m back in college – they are the perfect weekend jean but also perfect for a concert (have a just a teensy bit of distressing on the thigh and knee areas – NOT TOO MUCH!). when i was in high school i actually had a pair of hand-me-down jeans that had 30 years of wear and were a pale faded blue. they fit me perfectly – and these jeans were made back when there was NO ELASTANE / SPANDEX used. I miss those jeans! but i was about 100 lbs back then, so… my Rich and Skinny jeans are a great substitute.

    ***these last two are not “perfect” (by teenage standards): they are not skin-tight skinnies that end right at the ankle and have designer touches like custom fading on a vintage wash. but I love, love, love them. t

    6. first: MIH London jean (in sugar blue wash). It is a slight-boot cut (almost straight leg) cut with what I would call a mid-rise waist (they are advertised as low rise). the cut just elongates the leg. the sugar blue wash and long, lean lines are just somehow very vintage-y – even though the color is fairly bright blue and uniform throughout (the jeans have no fading anywhere). it just looks a touch ’70’s to me. and the best part, these jeans are like butter. i know i said the last could pairs of jeans were super soft but these jeans are super soft and move like butter – like you oldest, most worn-in t-shirt. there are a few cons here: the jeans DO NOT shave off any pounds (due to the uniform coloring/lack of strategic fading) and the material,while AMAZINGLY soft and pliable, lacks the structure to maintain its shape/size or hold you in snugly. these are one of those jeans that feit best right out of the dryer. But they fit awesome, feel awesome, look awesome (when i’m not “puffy”) and are SO CLASSIC i just adore them!

    7. Banana republic jeans (i need to look up the style – sorry!) with vintage style rear pockets (have a sewn-in pleat), a moderate boot cut and mid-rise waist. These jeans also look very retro in a really cool way. the sewn-in pleat on the back pockets give it that 70’s / safari feel . The pleats are sewn down (so the pockets lay completely flat – no puffing whatsoever). the boot cut is just enough to actually wear boots with (and to make your thighs look more proportionate) but not at all extreme or bell-bottomy. The denim is on the heavier-duty side (think 1980’s Levis jeans) but that is part of their vintage appeal. Would be the perfect jean for horseback riding in winter/fall. i would expect that these jeans would have ZERO appeal to your average teen – other than those few very independent fashion-risk takers and/or hardcore fans of vintage . i like the range they add to my jeans collection. i always feel like wearing something funky with them (like a bandana in my hair or tube top).

    anyway – that’s all. the hunt for the holy grail of jeans continues!

  29. 1229
    Jennifer says:

    Ok, I get it now. This post was clear and eye opening. I’m 48 years old, I’ve got two teenage daughters and I need to find jeans that look good on me and don’t scream “Mom Jeans!”. I get it. But let me ask you this: since my body is nowhere near what it used to be (I swear I wore a Junior’s size 9 from the beginning of high school until I got married!), where can I find jeans that are NOT – and I repeat – NOT low-rise jeans but are still flattering and appropriate for women my age? I can’t stand it when I see moms like me wearing clothing that is obviously ill-fitting just to be fashionable. There has to be something in between and doesn’t cost more than $50.

    Just an F.Y.I., I’ve been wearing Levi’s women’s jeans for as long as I can remember and I’ve always thought Levi’s were always in style. ???

  30. 1230
    Val. says:

    I am so glad I came across this post on Pinterest. After my SO just complained that my department store jeans do not do me any justice, I decided to buy a couple of pairs from Old Navy. Thankfully I came across this first before I started shopping. I think I will pay the extra to get a good quality pair of jeans that accentuate my awesome ass rather than hide it . Go ahead ladies, splurge, your butt will thank you!

    • 1230.1
      Cristina says:

      I think that this blog has good advice, for women who care and want it. But, for others it may not be. I don’t agree with others telling women to splurge. But, that’s just me. I mean no disrespect to anyone. But, I will say this… “One day people will realize that material things don’t matter.” But, to each their own ;)

  31. 1231
    Dana says:

    first of all who wears all those jeans with white stitching all over and flap pockets ( unless you don’t have much of a booty) those white stitched jeans seem outdated to me. Tacky. Why didn’t you pick jeans from other companies to compare rather than just Gap and Old Navy? Ridiculous .

  32. 1232
    Rochelle says:

    Did you ever consider its your body type that just ain’t right for the jeans? I’m tall and the jeans fit me like the models in the photos, and make my butt look amazing. From the looks of it you would want to hit up a store with a pant that is best suited for your stature. Just saying! Also Express jeans are suited for women with a tapered waist and big bottom. I have neither, therefore Express clothing would not be suited for me! I think opinions of an entire brand should be left to those who are true stylists and have the knowledge to properly dress for ones body type. It’s quite ignorant to say that because a particular brand doesn’t work for you that they are a less than quality brand for all

  33. 1233
    Samantha says:

    Not sure if anyone said this, but GAP and Old Navy are one in the same. Banana Republic is their more sophisticated sibling. Just thought you should know. :)

  34. 1234
    Great grandma wears mom jeans says:

    I am a 5 ft. 6 in. 115 lb. great grandma and the only jeans that really fit me are Gloria Vanderbilt “Amanda” style. They seem to run a little long so I buy the short length and they are actually a step-in for me. I don’t have to even try them on anymore, just grab a pair off the shelf and know they will fit perfectly. My little “bubble butt” looks great in them. The only complaint I have is that the front pockets are too shallow, but that seems to happen with most brands. I just cut some muslin and sew it in to the depth that I want. They cost around $30 at Kohls but I get them at Meijer for $20,95.

  35. 1235
    Carolyn Childs says:

    Great blog. Laughing and nodding at the same time.

  36. 1236
    Alex C. says:

    As a current Old Navy employee, and a staunch supporter of the brand I have to be brutally honest. While I agree that neither the Gap or ON jeans worked FOR YOU, did you stop to consider that maybe it wasn’t a problem with the denim but rather your body type? Because the rest of the jeans, and brands that you demonstrated, even at Nordstrom Rack, can’t even come close to comparing to the prices at ON or Gap. Not only that but most of the jeans that you tried on had some sort of frills on the pockets or the stitching, and unless you’re a tweener, or you’re a label whore, then it’s super tacky, and it’s extremely difficult to find wallet-friendly jeans that can be worn with anything in your wardrobe. I also agree with some of the other comments that said the jeans went from age-appropriate to something that shouldn’t be seen on anyone over the age of 22, and they didn’t fit as well. In those “designer” brands another thing they can’t and don’t provide is a higher rise. Not everyone can wear jeans that only cover butt-crack, and just enough in front.

    Plus, to anyone who has commented on this post in the last year or so, this information is extremely outdated. Not only has the company updated the styles that are featured in this article and redesigned them, but we also have new styles of denim that are definitely comparable to the “other brands” mentioned. So don’t write off a brand just because some mom blogger said that they looked like “mom-jeans” 3 years ago…

  37. 1237
    Chanda says:

    I purchase jeans on ebay. Great prices on Miss Me and 7FAM.

  38. 1238
    Liv says:

    I totally agree with Alex C. I’d rather go to Old Navy and purchase jeans that are comfortable, modest, and flattering on my “I’ve not run cross country for two years and am slightly overweight” body, AND NOT BE ASHAMED OF ASKING MY MUM TO BUY ME A PAIR OF JEANS BECAUSE WE LIVE ON HER PART TIME JOB AND MY DAD’S DISABILITY PENSION. If you have the money for upscale jeans, great! More power to you! But that doesn’t mean you need to go one a rant about how cost effective jeans are horrible.

  39. 1239
    BN says:

    This post is absolutely ridiculous. ALL of those jeans look extremely dated, in my opinion. Who wears bling pocket jeans with white threading and flare legs? Other than women who wear trucker hats and built in bra tanks. Flares came back for a very short moment, but they have to be classy and styled very carefully. IMO, flares are essentially “mom jeans” of today. (The high waisted, high pocket skinny jeans that used to be mom jeans are actually coming back for the younger set.)

    I always buy my skinny jeans at Gap for a great price, and they look fantastic on my body. Just because you didn’t try on a modern cut of jeans and just because they don’t fit your body type doesn’t mean that Gap produces “mom jeans.” In fact, the jeans they produce are more fashion-forward than any of those other jeans you think look good on you.

  40. 1240
    Tom Schmit says:

    It is amazing how the cut and pocket make a ladies behind look so different, The best examples are gap, old navy verses express rock. Your butt looks half the size. .

  41. 1241
    Loren says:

    What a great post and the related posts as well! Wish I had found these years ago. I stumbled upon a better feet at Lucky Brand after thinking Gap was fine (and it wasn’t at least for my body type.) Thanks for such a great and informative post! Very, very helpful. It all makes sense now – the fit and the look.

  42. 1242
    Jenell says:

    THANK YOU!! I hate all denim things Gap and Old Navy and all my friends think I’m crazy for not shopping there. It’s a rare case when they actually fit and flatter somebody. So sad Express discontinued the ReRock. they were incredible!

    Anyway…any suggestions for a jean for somebody with ridiculously huge calves? I wear about a 10-12 in Express jeans and pretty curvy. Skinny jeans look awful because of the size of my calves. Seriously these things are about the same size as my lower thighs. I was a die hard Express fan until they decided to cut corners and make garbage so I’m on a desperate hunt for something new. I have a Rack close to me but I look at the designer jeans and think there’s no way they’ll ever fit. or look good on my body…

    Thank you again for exposing Gap and Old Navy for what they are!!


  43. 1243
    Sonia says:

    What about American Eagle jeans – I’m 52 and wear their Hi-Rise jeggings and Hi-rise skinny almost exclusively. Not mom jeans – right? Their Sky-high are too mom-jeany for me though.

  44. 1244
    kathy says:

    I LOVE this post. SO true, possibly one of my favorite blog posts ever! Found it on Pinterest by the way! Thanks for enlightening the world!

  45. 1245
    michelle says:

    I love big star jeans from buckle. I can get in extra long and they hem for free!

  46. 1246
    Kimberly says:

    Are there any jeans that you recommend that don’t have that horrendous, over flashy, middle schooler design on the pockets?

  47. 1247
    victoria says:

    i have had a horrible time finding jeans and i recently tried target levi denizen jeans and i am in love.i went back and bough five more pairs

    • 1247.1
      Missy says:

      I too love Levis Denizen jeans!! I have a very curvy butt for my size 4’s and I think it looks nice in them. I’m 43 so I may have no clue but can still turn heads :)

  48. 1248
    Deeanne says:

    How sad it is that the “now” generation uses the word ‘grandma’ with such disdain. I wear jeans to be comfortable. Interesting article….but honey, enjoy that little one I saw running around in some of your photos….and stop thinking about who is checking out your rear end! Life is way too short to spend this much time on your outer covering! Work on your heart and everywhere you go….people will remember you for the wonderful person you are…not your selection of Jean!
    GranDee of 7
    Proud supporter of ‘grandma jeans’ or ‘not trying to catch a guy’

  49. 1249
    Chandler H. says:

    I agree with your post. I’m a short, curvy woman with booty and Old Navy makes my butt look wide and flat. I haven’t seen anyone who actually looks good in Old Navy jeans. Ever. They make look passable, but would probably look better in another brand of jeans. Old Navy jeans even makes my friends with JLo booties look flatter than they actually are. I’ve been on the hunt for good, affordable jeans for years. I’m 48 years old and I have no desire to wear jeans with pockets and white threading or embellishments. So far, Aeropostale and YMI are the closest I’ve found. I trust Levi’s, but I have the hardest time figuring out which Levi’s are for my short body type.

  50. 1250
    Stephanie Hutchison says:

    Ok so I loved this article! All the way up until I started shopping for the suggested jeans and realized I’d never be able to afford them :( Maybe some mom’s wear “mom jeans” because they have to unfortunately

  51. 1251
    leasley says:

    I switched to Express Jeans several years ago and they are by far the best fits I have found. Love them :-)

  52. 1252
    AshleyAugust says:

    I think mom jeans can be much hotter than jeans that try too hard, like some of your picks. While I think gap has definitely gone down hill, I like the mom jeans on subjects b and c (especially c) much better. Also, why do you like your butts to disappear into legs? The jeans you pick look like cocaine cowboy jeans and no one over 22 should wear them.

    • 1252.1
      Jessica says:

      I agree. I’m 28 and wouldnt wear any of the “good” jeans in this post. Maybe i’m not a fashionista but my ass looks damn good in old navy jeans. I think they work better for women with some feminin curves that dont need bedazzled pockets to make their butt look hott.

  53. 1253
    Mary Ann says:

    I actually think that 95% of women objectively look terrible in jeans no matter what the cut. They are just not flattering to the female shape and those that look ‘good’ simply have a less classically female shape. The right skirt however can look fantastic from all angles on all women.

  54. 1254
    BRANDIE says:

    This is the best article I’ve ever read, and I’m an author lol. Please oh please continue jeans tips. I would die for your number to ease the torture of trying on jeans. I have yet to find a friend that can give good advice when it comes to my butt. (Haha). It’s literally a mental breakdown every time. I can never find ‘that pair’ and always end up hating the ones I buy as soon as I get home. I’m a true follower now! Totally awesome girl advice!

  55. 1255
    Sharon says:

    I want you to be my friend. You know, so you can come help me buy some jeans. Do you offer consultations? Have given up wearing jeans but your article gives me hope the perfect pair may actually exist….

  56. 1256
    Jennie says:

    I’m tall (5’10) and pretty slender and Old Navy and Gap jeans were my go to for inexpensive jeans until they started stretching out and Gap got more expensive.

    Ironically, I swear by 7 For All Mankind. Their A Pocket Jeans are an instant butt lift. They’re expensive but you can get very very gently used pairs on eBay for less than a pair of Old Navy Jeans!

  57. 1257
    Michele says:

    KUT from the Kloth is just as bad. Mom jean horribleness!

  58. 1258
    Jacquelyn says:

    Pretty thorough blog post however none of your models were anything but white. It would have been helpful to see women who have larger hip to waist ratios

  59. 1259
    H.C. says:

    Women need to stop f’n worrying about what other women, and gay fashion designers think. I’m a red blooded American male, and I will take the defined hips, and bottom mom jeans give any day over the manish flat butt low cut jeans give. I can’t wait till these infernal cut and shaped jeans are gone. The poster above is right pockets that go down to the top of the leg are just wrong!

  60. 1260
    Jenny says:

    i am only assuming from your wide berth of Butt Knowledge ( no pun intended) that you have come across my issue. I HAVE NO BUTT, FLAT AS A PANCAKE, LOOKS LIKE A FROG STOOD UP IN PANTSUIT – any guidance on how to wear jeans or what style is best when you have no junk in the trunk, not even a trunk????

  61. 1261
    Juli says:

    Too cute! Love the sense of humor but most importantly the tips on what to look for in a great pair of jeans!

  62. 1262
    cely says:

    Well it was a funny read. However… although I’m not a mom and not that old (23), I must really be bad at choosing jeans because I would look at the picture and think oh that looks great! And then read the commentary saying how it was a terrible fit. As a side note, I prefer longer zippers to those tiny little ones some jeans have, those drive me nuts! Still, this does point out some things I hadn’t noticed about how jeans fit!

  63. 1263
    Anita says:

    Just a quick side note, if you spend the money on your basic wardrobe really invest then the expense is a good thing. Your basic essentials should be classic and timeless. Go buy a few pairs of expensive dark wash jeans that fit well because they can be dressed up or down and versatility is key especially to moms.

  64. 1264
    Corynn says:

    I don’t think all the gap jeans look bad on you. I think the best fit were the 7 FAM. What style is that? Super cute. But I agree, each pant fits differently for everyone. Not a one size/style fits all.

  65. 1265
    NMP says:

    The difference I see between the pairs on the left versus the pairs on the right are classic cuts, styles and colors versus crap that looks like the kids on Jersey Shore wear it. All of that detailing and bling on the rear pockets is just tacky.

  66. 1266
    Leah says:

    I’m thankful to the people commenting that offered good advice. Others were just plain bitches, and I don’t ever use that word. Be better…not bitter.
    I think it’s cool she posted these pics of her butt, BECAUSE it represents us spending countless time in the awkward mirror half-seeing our backsides. What a freaking difference those jeans made!
    Thanks for this.

  67. 1267
    Jessica says:

    You should update this whole thing .. The jeans at the Gap have changed. The pockets have gotten smaller and the styles have gotten redone. A lot of the styles you show have gotten discontinued. Redo this review please.

  68. 1268
    Lilly says:

    As a 21 yr old, I must say I live in Gap jeans. So does my boyfriend. I have never found an issue with them stretching like so. But i also don’t put them in the dryer to dry. However. I do find that other places fit my body better in certain styles, believe it or not, walmart. So I think that it is based on your body, each one being just as beautiful as the next. But everyone being so offended by everything is definitely what’s wrong with people today. This woman was just trying to spread some information and others where voicing their personal opinion. Maybe if people would stop letting people words hurt them, people they don’t even know, we would all be a little better off. That all being said, great insight on the jeans.

  69. 1269
    Sadie says:

    If you’re from Texas (like myself) there is a place called Platos Closet and another called Amelia’s Too. I don’t know if they have them in other states but they’re gently used resale shops. Everyone is talking about name brands and paying full price but no one ever thinks of these resale shops. A pair of really good Miss Me jeans go for $45 at most. Rock Republic is $25-$30 at most.

    I don’t know how everyone else feels about wearing resale clothing but I don’t mind it. Especially if they’re just jeans. It’s not like I’m wearing someone else’s underwear or something…?!

    If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg or you don’t want to get another job or you want a good deal on clothes, WHAT EVER YOUR REASONING, I always suggest resale shops.

  70. 1270
    Allison says:

    Everyone get their butt on Poshmark! Resold premium denim for WAY less than retail. This is where I get all of my designer denim and pay like 30/40$ a pair that last me a lifetime and are perfect fit. Another is Nordstrom People are commenting how it’s too expensive but I’ve gotten away with some incredible steals when you go during their Clear The Racks events!!! There are ways out there now to find great prices! There are no excuses for setting for mom butt jeans! You are important and the way you feel MATTERS!

  71. 1271
    Taylor says:

    As a 22 year old millennial who wears gap jeans, I have to politely disagree.

    They are my favorite pair, fit me great, and look great. Jeans with all the nonsense and embroidery on the pockets are the new mom jean.

    Also, there are probably ten girls I can think of off of the top of my head who could wear that romper and pull it off fashionably and beautifully.

    Long live Gap.

  72. 1272
    Liz says:

    OMG this is hilarious. I was literally laughing out loud because it’s so true! Personally StitchFix has become my savior and has sent me some of the best fitting and looking jeans ever and I’m grateful because I don’t have a lot of choices locally. Thanks for the comedic relief! I’m with you sister. Mom jeans HAVE to go!
    (mom of 4!)

  73. 1273
    Ranger says:

    Hello. I generally take the back pockets off all jeans, as I feel they make any butt look big. What do you think?


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