An Inconvenient Gap of Truth.


Gap Old Navy Makes Mom Jeans

Nearly every denim makeover I’ve done ends with the same conversation.

“I had no idea what a difference it would make – I thought I was safe with Gap jeans!”


“Oh my goodness why didn’t anyone tell me I was wearing Mom Jeans?? I thought that as long as I was shopping at Old Navy, I was fine!!”

Gap and Old Navy denim.  A subject that I’ve long struggled over whether to address publicly or not.  I’ve revealed the truth about them one-on-one for quite a while, but have feared the backlash of addressing it here.

I know it’s hard to swallow, because we’ve all worn them at one time or another.

But I must say it, because I am committed to being honest with you in all matters of denim.

So read it fast – like ripping off a band-aid.


Gap and Old Navy sell Gateway Mom Jeans.

There.  It’s out there now, so let’s look at why.

I embarked on a reconnaissance mission to both stores accompanied by my dedicated husband/photographer, where I tried on every style of denim available.  I’ve gone through and analyzed the evidence collected, then matched them up with comparables in other brands.

But first, a few disclaimers:

1. Jeans can fit vastly differently depending on the body.  What may look awful on me could look good on you.  My points below are not blanket statements, just strong suggestions.

2.  We tried to match camera angles as well as possible, but seeing as how we were on an intensely covert operation and there was an especially nosy associate working the dressing room during our mission, not everything could be perfected as we wished.

3. Some people buy Gap and Old Navy because they are inexpensive.  Almost all of the jeans pictured can be attained for about the same price as a pair of Gap jeans. (My current favorite way to get designer jeans at half off or more is through Nordstrom Rack or their app, HauteLook.) Good fit does not have to be expensive.

Let’s start with Gap.

1. The first style I tried on was called Real Straight.

Gap Real Straight

These jeans, on the surface, do not qualify for the number one definition of Mom Jeans: pockets ending before the lower curvature of the butt.

However, they do have some concerning areas that clearly qualify them as Gateway Mom Jeans.  Specifically, they make an unattractive inverted heart betwixt the cheeks, and the pockets are SO DANG GIGANTIC that they could hold a small Llama.

Gap Real Straight Problem Areas

Perhaps on their own, it’s not clear enough.  For comparison, here they are as compared to an Antik straight leg:

Gap Straight Vs Antik Straight

Yes, that is the same butt.  No, I didn’t starve myself between the two photos.

2. Next I tried on Gap’s Always Skinny.

Gap Always Skinny

Again, these aren’t terrible.  But they’re not great.  They give me an extremely wideset rear view, and repeat the Kangaroo Pouch Pockets.

Notice the width shrinkage when compared to a well-shaped pair of skinny jeans bought from a neighboring mall store:

Gap Always Skinny Vs Express ReRock Skinny

You can see how the smaller pocket, in this case, gives the curve and lift to offer pep and life, rather than a flat, weighed down look.  Also, specifically on a skinny jean, the smaller pocket helps lessen the inverted triangle issue by separating the butt from the thigh.

Gap Always Skinny Vs Express ReRock Skinny Side

(You might remember that we discussed the flattering qualities of large pockets in a prior post.  While this is true, when the pockets are disproportionately dinasauric, the effect is not nearly so ideal.)

3. The next pair I tried on was the Gap Original Fit.

Gap Original Fit

Clearly, these are horrifying.  Especially note how the pockets are so wide-set that it gives me a third butt cheek, and the tapered yet loose leg is classic Mom Jean.

Gap Original Fit Problem Areas

Also?  No one should EVER need a zipper THAT LONG.

Gap Original Fit Zipper Length t

If you desire something classic yet modern and flattering forgoodnesssake, by all means go with a nice, conservative 7 For All Mankind.

Gap Original Fit Vs 7 For All Mankind

4.  Let’s move on.  Quickly.  To Gap Perfect Boot.

Gap Perfect Boot

I found these to be the least offensive.  However, the pockets were still too wide-set and oversized, once again offering the appearance of a supersized caboose.  Notice the immediate shrinking sensation when compared to a pair of Hudson Bootcut:

Gap Boot Vs Hudson Boot

5. Next: the Gap Curvy Fit.

Gap Curvy Fit

Oddly enough, the Curvy Fit seemed to take away all of my curves and conglomerate them into a giant pile of lumpishness.

If you have curves and need room for them to move and breathe, Miss Chic or LA Idol are awesome options with quite a bit more visual interest and flattering fit:

Gap Curvy Fit Vs LA Idol

6. My next fitting was in Gap Long and Lean.

Gap Long and Lean

This pair was the only pair that qualified beyond Gateway and straight into Mom Jeans – at least on me, as the pockets ended significantly before the lower curvature of my butt:

Gap Long and Lean Problem Areas

However, one of my best friends wears Gap Long and Lean, and I’ve always been puzzled as to how they look so great on her – especially since we even wear the same size.  So, in fairness, I present to you evidence that Gap jeans can look right on the exact right body:

Gap Long and Lean Right and Wrong Body

Let me assure you, though – I have counseled many former Gap wearers, and the friend pictured above is the exception, not the rule.

So if you don’t have that rare Gap-flattered body and you want to look Long and Lean, might I suggest Rock and Republic – notice the immediate leg-lengthening effect:

Gap Long and Lean Vs Rock and Republic

7. The last Gap style that I found was highly ironically named…the Sexy Boyfriend.

Gap Sexy Boyfriend


I SO wish I could have found these in my size to try on.



Flap Inner-Only Pockets.


Have you ever seen any man under 70 wearing jeans like this, let alone a sexy boyfriend??

I shudder to think.

But I did find one last treasure before I left Gap…

8. The Gap Denim Romper.

Gap Denim Jumper

Yes.  I was ashamed.

Gap Denim Jumper t

(And my cameraman didn’t like my visible bra strap.)

Just in case you missed it, the back waist actually qualifies this outfit as… Grandma Jeans.

Gap Denim Jumper Elastic Waist

I apologize to your retinas.

I rushed out of Gap and headed to Old Navy.

Which was somewhat akin to jumping out of the frying pan and into the nuclear incinerator.

I tried on every style that they had in both bootcut and skinny, but neither leg choice was better than the other.  So, to summarize, here are all three of their major styles in bootcut.

Old Navy Bootcut Comparison

The Diva was the least offensive, but still lacked style or a flattering cut.

The Dreamer copied Gap’s main problem of wide-set pockets and triple butt.

And the Sweetheart was unapologetically a hardcore Mom Jean.

Just in case you needed a healthy comparison, I offer them against 7 For All Mankind:

Old Navy Bootcut Comparison with 7 For All Mankind Stacked

Lest you think that I have somehow doctored my photos (which I have not) or that this information is only applicable to my body type, here are a few examples of others who have been freed from the noose of Gateway Mom Jeans:

Subject A, a close friend who had no idea how flattering and comfortable great jeans could be:

Makeover Old Navy to LA Idol 2

Subject B, a blog reader and mom of four kids:

Makeover Old Navy to LA Idol

And Subject C, a new Mom and blog reader from the other side of the country who got a long-distance makeover via the following before-and-after butt-texts:

Makeover Gap to Express Rerock

(Yes, I get butt-texts quite often, usually accompanied with the question, “Are these Mom Jeans?” If you need to butt-text me, just let me know and I’ll give you my number.)

After Subject C bought her jeans, she sent me a couple more full-length before and after photos (with an adorable baby leg included as a bonus):

Makeover Gap to Express Full

Makeover Old Navy to Express



Even if you look great in Gap jeans – even if they fit you perfectly, the pockets are proportionately correct, and the style was made for your body type, here is my biggest argument against Gap and Old Navy Jeans:

They stretch out. 




Gap and Old Navy Stretch Out

So even if they don’t look like Mom Jeans when you put them on, they will before the next episode of Dora the Explorer is over.

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Leave your comment below!


  1. 1201
    Laura says:

    Having your pockets end below the curvature of your butt IS HORRIBLE. It literally looks like your butt melted and slid down your thighs.. I prefer a high firm butt, not a saggy, inverted looking one.

  2. 1202
    Holly says:

    Except I can’t afford $60.00 a pair and UP for jeans :(

    • 1202.1
      Ashley says:

      Sell something.. have a yard sale.. get a better job… if it’s important to you, put your nose to the grindstone and make it happen!

    • 1202.2
      Katie says:

      Check Nordstrom rack – they have really good prices on 7 FAM, Joe’s jeans, and Hudson.

    • 1202.3
      Mandy says:

      I try the jeans on in store. I buy the higher end jeans from Ebay. It lets me keep a bit of my money in those fancy pockets!

    • 1202.4
      Monique says:

      I found an awesome pair of jeans for like $19.99 at Burlington! The brand is called YMI… AND IT LITERALLY ASKS I’D YOU “WANT A BETTA BUTT” they give the look of having a former offered butt… I love love love them! !

  3. 1203
    Anne says:

    Omg! Thank you. I thought I was the only one who thought it was hard to find jean, let alone a pair that won’t make your butt look like it’s hitting the floor. I went shopping the other day and was sending pictures to my sister and she said she didn’t like the jeans I had on. The sad thing was I was trying on shirts and the jeans I has on was what I sw wearing for the day. A vide sad revelation.

  4. 1204
    Cheyenne says:

    I have normal sized thighs but tiny calves!! Bootcuts make me look like I have no legs beneath my knee and skinny make me have bird legs!! Ha. What is your suggestion for the perfect cut of jeans?

  5. 1205
    Candyce says:

    Thanks for this! Wow, the pictures say it all! Sometimes jeans aren’t my biggest worry since I have to dress up for work so I’ll just grab some from Old Navy. I’ve never been crazy about them and never felt like I looked awesome in them but I didn’t give it much more thought. I thought it had more to do with my size. Thanks for showing me that’s not necessarily the case!

  6. 1206
    kkhamer says:

    Why must be so disparaging about Moms. If it were not for your Mom you would not be here to worry about what
    you look like in denim jeans. Perhaps if you were less judgmental Moms would find your observations helpful in finding a pair of jeans that fit well. Be careful what you say; in time, if you are lucky, you too will be a Mom.,

    • 1206.1
      Huma says:

      I don’t think you are familiar with what the term “mom jeans” means. It is a reference to a skit from Saturday night live. Maybe you should get familiar with pop culture references?
      A Mom

    • 1206.2
      Another Mom says:

      I AM a mom, of two wonderful children. Being a mom didn’t mean I suddenly became out of touch with my sense of fashion. And being in touch with my sense of fashion (as I work in the fashion industry and have a degree in fashion) didn’t mean I didn’t have appreciation as a mom or for my mom. I care about my appearance. I’m not vain, nor do I go over the top (I’ve never even had a pedi for pete’s sake, and only had a mani as part of a bridal party outing), but I still like to look nice. If I have to go jean shopping anyway, why not just go to one store over another to make sure I get jeans that look and fit decent? What’s so wrong about that? Why does doing that automatically warrant a comment like yours? It doesn’t take any more time to shop for and dress in more flattering jeans than it does the unflattering ones. I would bet there is fashion out there that you don’t like either…does that mean you’re disparaging others? All this to say: calm down. It’s ok for moms to want to look good. And as A Mom referenced, watch some SNL.

  7. 1207
    g says:

    Of course, one reason that pockets end up below the curve of your butt may be because you are squeezing said butt into too small a size….looks that way in quite a few of your pics, to be honest.

  8. 1208
    Melissa says:

    Are you still accepting butt texts?? Lol I am just reading this in my gap jeans and I’m suddenly aware of what you’re saying. But I don’t think I entirely know what to do next. I have a nordstrom rack nearby. Could you offer me a brand reccomendation maybe? Please email me if I can text you a picture. Sounds so bizarre but I really think maybe you could help me if you see how my Gap jeans fit. Thank you!

  9. 1209
    CJ Moore says:

    loved this blog! Thank you. How do you feel about Miss Me jeans?

  10. 1210
    Berta says:

    And here I thought I was the only person that had a horrible time buying jeans. My issues are numerous. For starters I am 4’11” I am 48, I am skinny and I have no butt. Ok can you say jeans were not made for me. My only solution is girls jeans they are the correct length, on a girls 16 the pockets fall in the correct area and they fit tight to accent what little I have in the seat department. Baggy jeans do NOTHING for my figure. Even a juniors 1 yeah it fits but pocket is on back of my thigh and I need to have 4-6 inches cut off bottom, that is expensive to get them hemmed so kids jeans work they are just hard to find that look like Normal jeans and are not Jeggins. Do you have a solution to this issue?

  11. 1211
    Kelli says:

    any suggestions for the really long legged girls? I’m talking like 36-37 inch inseam. Help!

    • 1211.1
      Thalita says:

      YES! Thats why I buy Old Navy! Not only are they accessible (not all of us has access to a Nordstrom’s) and affordable, they also carry talls. And I think my butt looks pretty good in their Sweetheart line. But I have way more booty than you (the blogger).

    • 1211.2
      Maria says:

      Try Long Tall Sally, a friend of mine who is 6’4″ has found jeans to fit her there.

    • 1211.3
      Alana says:

      American eagle extra long fit me pretty well! I’m the same inseam as you. Also in my high school days I fit well in Delia’s jeans. If you’re really slim then those might work for you! Alloy also has long inseams and pretty cute jeans. That’s pretty much all I have though. I’m always on a mission to find cute jeans that fit my inseam, too. Such a struggle.

  12. 1212
    Audra O'Hara says:

    Yep, I may need to call you if I ever get up the courage to try on jeans again! Really great points. :-)

  13. 1213
    Anna says:

    I laughed out loud a few times during this article. You’re a very funny writer and I enjoyed learning something new! Thanks for sharing!

  14. 1214
    Renee says:

    Thank you so much for posting. this!

  15. 1215
    Kiltpleat says:

    What is the deal with all the bedazzled crap on the ass pockets of jeans, though? What if I want ones that fit nicely but have plain pockets without flaps or rhinestones?

  16. 1216
    katie says:

    IMO the gap curvy fit looked best on you.

  17. 1217
    Schel says:

    I love the information you give. I buy old navy all the time, they fit me best because I’m so little. Could I email you pics of my “mom jeans” and you tell me what I’m buying wrong? Because I honestly love my old navy jeans! Please email me back.

    Schel Ruiz

    • 1217.1
      Thalita says:

      If YOU love your jeans, that’s all that matters. Wear what makes you happy and feel good about yourself! :)

  18. 1218
    Erinn-San-San says:

    Man…this is truly humbling, especially since I just bought a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts from both Old Navy and Gap…well, here is to hoping they don’t make me look like a blob. I’m 23 and a mom of two and yeah my body has changed. I definitely look more womanly. I was revamping my wardrobe and settled on some cute pants and some shorts. I hope I didn’t make a wrong decision! But based on your advice I am now completely obsessed with Nordstrom Rack. I will definitely be getting my next additions from there!!

  19. 1219
    Sunny says:

    Okay, so this is fun, but you do all realize that the low rise and butt-shaping jeans of the last decade or so will be the new “mom jeans” in another decade or so. Teens will be cringing when their moms wear their skinny jeans or their low pocket butt accentuating jeans. I know it seems crazy that “mom jeans” we’re what was in fashion and thus what was truly attractive in the 80’s or so. I bet people from that era still find those jeans sexy (gasp) and are indifferent to the new styles. Just in case these facts about how fashion works aren’t obvious. It seems most people are mostly stuck in their teens, fashionably-speaking, with some adjustments.. You will be too. FR example, what to do now with the “new mom jeans? They are skinny legged and short (socks showing!) and have a long long zipper. How are they keeping a butt?

  20. 1220
    M says:

    I appreciated your photo comparisons and picked up some tips however I need more HELP!!!! I’m in search of a pair of women’s jeans, real jeans… None of the stretchy, crap material that wears out in three washes or sags throughout the day. I don’t want a bedazzled ass, or flaps on the pockets or stitching that looks like dental floss. I don’t want skinny or tapered or pre-worn out with holes to place my feet through by accident when putting them on. I am 35 and remember when jeans were so tight at the ankles you had to turn them inside out and stand on them to pull your feet out, I used to have to buy mens’ to get the right fit/size but then women’s jeans made big advancements in design and style I should have stocked up, now I’m down to one pair of Vigosss and sadly preparing myself for shopping in men’s wear again…. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • 1220.1
      Anna says:

      Have you tried Levi’s?? Get them at Macy’s. They have a lot of different styles and are reasonably priced and comfortable.

  21. 1221
    Lexi says:

    I’m so sick of these young ladies thinking that the smaller size the better?! I love to see a woman (mom or not) wearing jeans that cover and compliment. Yes, some of her “mom jeans” in this article really did look awful, however, most of those gap jeans looked SO much better than those other jean brands. I don’t have any problem with the writer or her points, she is totally entitled to her opinion, I just wish women understood how to dress for their body type, their personality, and their comfort, rather than trying to avoid being dumped into a silly category such as “mom jeans”.

  22. 1222
    Kathy says:

    I was amazed at the comparisons, especially the Gap and Express skinny jeans. The Gap jeans made her butt look flat and wide and from the side, she looked really stocky and her legs looked really short. She looked great in the Express jeans – the opposite of the Gap jeans. Her butt was lifted and her legs looked really long. I’ll have to check out express for some new jeans.

  23. 1223
    That Hat Lady says:

    Just so you know, LA Idol is being discontinued now. Last chance to get them:

    Antik denim and Express Re-rock jeans were discontinued awhile ago.

    May I suggest Miss Me, True Religion or Silver jeans.

  24. 1224
    Anna says:

    I definitely agree with a lot this article said. However Old Navy no longer sells drab clothes in fact they have super cute and stylish pant selections now that are cheap, cute, and comfy. I am personally not into dark jeans with bright flares and beaded pockets. I think they look extremely childish and trashy lol. Honestly the best jeans I can find are American Eagle and Old Navy!

  25. 1225
    Bailey says:

    EXPRESS. They never disappoint. And since I love good deals, I always find my Express jeans at second hand stores. They make everyone’s butt look amazing! Everyone I know who trys them on loves them

  26. 1226
    leigh says:

    Wow, innocence is bliss! I think I need to get your opinion on a few recent Gap purchases. Thanks for this wake-up-call!

  27. 1227
    Sydni says:

    Wow, who knew??! I have always stuck to Gap and Old Navy jeans (since my days in American Eagle – sad was the day when my AE-jean-buying came to an end) because they’re so classic looking. And I’ve always been kind of tomboyish (not super into style), so I think the drawing-no-attention-to-my-butt was kind of appealing. But I have two questions, now that you’ve opened my eyes… 1) What about J.Crew. jeans, are they okay??? and 2) what’s a great brand of sexy/normal/not-mom jeans that don’t have all that crazy stuff on the butts?? I don’t like all the pattern & buttons and crap.


    • 1227.1

      My current favorites are Joe’s Jeans (Get them at Nordstrom Rack or through HauteLook to get them at half off) – super flattering, no butt detail (see my latest post – the ridiculous one with crochet shorts – to see what Joe’s Jeans look like. Also I love AG jeans, Red Engine, Express, Frankie B, Genetic Denim, and Citizens of Humanity – all of these are great with little to no pocket detail. All but Express I recommend getting through Rack or HauteLook, or at TJ Maxx. J Crew jeans don’t work on me, but I have seen them look nice on some people.


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  56. Price Of William Rast 1016

    […] but it was worth every penny. I look great and others have noticed. Thanks for […]

  57. Blog Love says:

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  61. […] The outfit is, of course, all from Clothes Hound. The jeans are Blank NYC and if you read this hilarious piece on GAP/Old Navy mom jeans…have no fear. These fit […]

  62. […] The outfit is, of course, all from Clothes Hound. The jeans are Blank NYC and if you read this hilarious piece on GAP/Old Navy mom jeans…have no fear. These fit […]

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